Travel Day: Ireland 2018

The time has finally arrived!

This morning, we set off on our Ireland adventure. We left the house shortly after 6:30am to head for the Dayton International Airport to catch our 10:30am American Airlines flight. Our lovely friend Karen was kind enough to man the wheel so we wouldn’t have to leave our car at the airport for the duration of our trip. She is well educated in the world of natural remedies and supplements and gave me a few of her raw ginger capsules in case I dealt with any motion sickness.

From Dayton, we flew to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While the plane for was small, with only two seats on either side of the isle, I was gifted with a rather sociable seat partner. This gentleman over hear my father and his seat partner talking about our trip plans, and he asked me about it. After chatting for a bit, he told me that he had spent part of his high school years living in Germany as an “Army Brat” as he put it. He actually lived about an hour from where I called home during my time in Germany. We ended up conversing for a large portion of the trip (minus a short period where I dozed off) and shared stories about our favorite places that we visited in Europe and America. I’ve been known to put in head phones on planes or trains to avoid talking to people, but in this case it was very nice to pass the time with such a lovely gentleman. Once the plane had landed, we were gathering our things and exchanging more small talk when the two military men sitting in front of us joined in the conversation at the mention of Biloxi, Mississippi. They were both rather attractive, and I am sad to say they were not continuing on to Boston with us, otherwise I would have been more than happy to get to know the dark haired one. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Upon landing in Philly, we races across the airport just in time to board our plane to Boston. This plane was much larger, with multiple empty seats and I had an assigned seat right next to my father. He has had issues with his ears not properly adjusting to the cabin pressure in the past, so this time he came prepare with ceramic filled ear plugs so I was able to listen to my downloaded Spotify playlists for most of the second flight. This flight was less eventful, and had no cute guys to chat with or stare at, but it went by relatively. After getting off the plane, we joined up with the rest of their group as they collected the items that they had previously checked at baggage claim. From there, we went through the normal procedure of checking in and printing boarding passes, checking our suitcases, and making our way through security. The lines this time were a good bit longer than when we left Dayton in the morning, so it took closer to 15 minutes for the bulk of our group to get through. But since we have to switch from American Airlines to Aer Lingus, we ended up having a much longer layover, so we were not in so much of a hurry to get from one end to the other. Many of us stopped just before our gates so we could eat since our in-flight food won’t be happening for a few more hours yet.

So now I am relaxing at our loading gate, typing this up because after we board the plane, it will be 6:00am Ireland time before I’ll be back on the ground, and most likely a few more hours after that before I will have any access to WiFi. So far, other than some nice people, and bumpy landings, the trip has been smooth and uneventful. Hopefully tomorrow’s post will have more detailed descriptions of fun events since we’ll finally be in Ireland!


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