Destination: Ireland!

Tomorrow morning I am setting off on my next big adventure. Ireland! After signing up for the trip two years ago, time has moved by so slowly, I thought it might never get here. Now, all of a sudden, my bags are packed, boarding passes are printed, and in less than 24 hours I will be loading onto a plain and taking off on my next international exploration.Ireland has been on the top of my “Places to Visit” list for as long as I can remember. My family has always felt strongly connected to the Irish side of our family. After all, our surname (Devine) is from our Irish ancestors.This trip is so exciting, and for multiple reasons.

  • Touring with Celtic Music Group “Father Son & Friends” out of Dayton, Ohio. We have been friends and followers of the group since before I was even born. They have been friends of the family for years, and when we heard two years ago that they were doing a tour of Ireland, I knew I wanted to go. One of the guys in the band said he’s planning on letting me sing a song or two with them, which would be a dream come true for me. Performing, with a celtic band, in Ireland? Yes Please!
  • Touring with my parents. As soon as I told my parents about this opportunity, they wanted in as well. The three of us have never been to Ireland, and (other than Canada) my parents have never traveled outside the country. We only got passports while my brother Daniel was in college because he was traveling all over for school. Daniel and Ben have both been in the last few years and had a blast, so now we’ll finally be able to have some of our own Ireland stories to tell.
  • Getting back overseas. I was blessed to have studied in Germany summer of 2015. Due to the generosity of my host family and friends, I was able to see many of the surrounding sights in Germany, travel to the France border on a hiking expedition, spend a few days in London before flying home, and so much more. That summer was unlike any experience I have ever had, and I promised myself that I would continue to go on trips every year, and travel internationally as often as possible while I am still young and free enough to do so. Since I have no pets, no significant other, and no set 9-5 job, it has been fairly easy to find time for adventures. Going to Ireland will be my first time back across the Atlantic Ocean since London, and it will allow my to finally see the place where so many of my ancestors came from.
  • This is a two part trip. As I mentioned above, we will be going on a guided tour with a large group. However, that trip only lasts for the first 10 days and will only be in the southern half of the country. After that, my parents and I will be renting a car and will be driving all over the place to see the other things on our list that we haven’t seen during the tour.
  • I can’t believe that in just a few hours I will be heading to the airport. Stay tuned, I’ll do my best to post daily about what we’re up to! And don’t forget to check out my other social media sites for additional posts, pictures, and updates throughout the day.

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