The Sunshine Girl is Out of Order

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is going fine, and then all of a sudden, one small thing happens and everything starts to unravel? Well, today was one of those days.
Over the past few weeks of working in Mississippi, I’ve been told a few times (at both jobs) that my personality is akin to a ray of sunshine, and that I express passion and dedication in everything that I do. People have said to me that when they are having a bad day, or tough time, all they have to do is look at me or talk to me for a minute and they start cheering up. Sunshine is kind of contagious, and touches even the farthest, darkest reaches. 
The day started wonderfully. I slept in a bit, then got up and made breakfast for myself and my host family. After breakfast, I chatted on the phone with my cousin Laura and we exchanged all the exiting things happening in our lives (traveling around the world, dating, friendship issues, and more). When we hung up two hours later, I had time to kill before work to I opted for a little Fun in the Sun at the beach, trying to catch up on all the tanning I have not done this summer. I could only stay for about an hour due to it being so hot, but it felt so good to just soak in the rays of light and to doze for a few minutes before rotating so I would just burn one side. But of course, my restaurant job was calling, so off I went. 
And very shortly after arriving at work I ran out of sunshine. I went from having a great morning, to just barely being able to function without getting angry or wanting to cry. My tables were being picky, I felt as though I was barely spending any time with them, little things kept getting messed up and then fixed at the last minute. Comments meant as jokes cut a little more than they should have. And as all of these little things happened, they piled on top of each other until I couldn’t hide my frustration behind a forced smile anymore.
But there is beauty to situations like these. As soon as people realized something was off, everyone stepped up to try and remedy the situation. Other servers helped me catch up on some drink orders. The food runners made sure everyone had what they needed at the table when they dropped of each meal. A handful of the guys I work with started trading jokes about how great and beautiful I was, and who was gonna get to date me first. Lots of hugs and pats on the back and offers to help where exchanged, and before long, I had a smile back on my face.
I know that some of the people who know me well will say that I am taking on too much, and that I am overwhelming myself. And maybe they are right. But I would rather put myself out there, bust my butt, save up some money, and run myself ragged than sit around at home during my free time not making any friends or having any experiences. I have been very clear with both jobs about my expectations, and both of them have been amazing about being flexible and understanding of my situation and preferences. I can always cut back my hours later. 
Life is great, and God is good, but even the best of days can turn on a dime. And it’s okay to need help from others to find your way back into the light.
Thanks for reading

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