Day Seventeen: Ireland 2018

Today we did basically nothing, and it was glorious. Of course by we I mean me because mom was doing all the driving. And that is pretty much most of our day. We left Dublin in the morning after dropping off some post cards and picking up a necklace for a friend. We drove part of the way to Limerick before stopping for lunch. Since we had plenty of coffee, food and free WiFi, we stayed there for a while. As I said yesterday, we are all a bit worn out and sickly now that we are at the end of our trip and we all needed time to rest, even though we only had about an hour more to drive.

Once we arrived in Limerick, we made a short pit stop at the Limerick City Hotel, where we had stayed a week ago on our last night with Father Son and Friends. I had accidentally left my scarf and a small blanket behind (it had gotten covered up by the bedding while I was backing) and the hotel was kind enough to keep it in the office for me until we returned. Props to them for excellent response time to my email, being very polite and prompt in check the room for this rather insignificant item, and making sure it would be here and ready for when whenever I was able to come back for it. Leaving the hotel, it was a mere twenty minutes before we arrived at our Airbnb for the night, a little closer to the airport, between Shannon and Limerick.

We are staying at a place called Balally House B&B and it is simply gorgeous. Rich red brick siding, thick blue carpeting covering the floors and staircase, fresh and clean rooms with large windows and plenty of space. We had a variety of breakfast options to choose from, which will be cooked to order and served at our chosen breakfast time. We are very much being spoiled on our last night in Ireland.

One small downside to the end of our trip. Mom, Dad and I are all coping with whatever illness we’ve picked up. Dad had symptoms first, with me falling sick three days ago, and mom being hit with it today after a slight sore throat and chest yesterday. We are quite the sneezy and coughing group today, working our way through Advil Cold and Sinus and cough drops like they are candies. Hopefully, we won’t have it as bad as some of our tour group. Multiple people have been to the doctors for respiratory infections and been in need of antibiotics. We will just have to wait and see how we feel when we get back since we’ll be traveling all day tomorrow flying home. I can only hope we can sleep on the planes and are given plenty of space and a hearty supply of Kleenex.


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