Day Eight: Ireland 2018

Well we are nearing the end of our time with Father Son & Friends. With that, I’ve been spending as much time as possible with the people I’ve grown to care for this week, rather than focusing on working on my blog. So please forgive me if things don’t get posted daily, or if there happen to be two posts on one day, or any other funkiness.

Day eight was spent touring the Dingle Peninsula. For the most part it was a relaxing day, with gorgeous views all around us as we drove through the countryside, such as Devils elbow and other amazing sites. We stopped at a few scenic overlooks along as we made our way to the town of Dingle where we stayed for the lunch hour and a little bit of shopping. Since my goal for this trip was to only buy little items for myself in the form of jewelry or something else I could use/wear frequently, I was very have to find a a little store that had a beautiful selection of rings. I usually wear tings on four to six of my fingers and have recently broken one. Needless to say, the lady at the shop was able to help me find a new adornment for my hands.

One of the other stops we made was at a coffee shop owned and run by a lady who was friends with our tour guide for the day. She was also a musician so she had invited our group to come do a jam session at her cafe. While there, we also met a semi-famous local musician, Ger Wolfe, who was gracious enough to sing us a one of his songs as well as a traditional Irish song, sung both in English and Gaelic. This session was probably one of my favorites. All of the other have been in crowded pubs or hotel restaurants. But here, in the country cafe, you could really listen to the music while you enjoyed your beverage. It was quite wonderful.

Our day in Dingle was followed by a night on the town in Killarney with Mom and the girls (Chris and Allyson). Our first stop was ice cream at Murphy’s. When we walked in the door a young man greeted us, and asked us how we were enjoying our holiday in Ireland. When I joked with him that I was having a horrible time, he put his fists up as if he were going to fight someone and tell “Tell me who’s making your time horrible. I’ll sort it.” What a wonderful country this must be to have an ice cream shop boy coming to my defense upon meeting me. After ice cream, we figured we should probably find something a little more substantial to eat. Since none of us were very hungry, we decided to just stick to the small plate menus. This idea failed horribly when it resulted in me ordering a giant and utterly delicious pizza. I ended up taking half back to dad due to the size, but it was one of the best meals I’ve had on this trip, most likely because I was actually pretty hungry by the time t arrived at our table. When we finished eating, we sat and chatted for a while and then headed back to the hotel to settle in for the night. I have to say, out of everyone on this trip, Allyson and Chris are two I will miss the most.


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