Day Five: Ireland 2018

Today was a much more simple day than all the others. Instead of traveling from place to place very quickly, we had just two short stops along the way to our main destination: The Blarney Castle. To make today even more enjoyable, we finally had rain! It was mostly a drizzling sort of rain, not quite soaking you to the bone, but more than misting. One of the sites we stopped was just a little town on the water that was the site for the 1954 film “Moby Dick.” The next place we stopped was a place called Cobh, known for being the Titanic’s last port of call on April 11, 1912. There happened to be a small summer festival in town at the time we were there, so many of us got lunch or a snack there while listening to the live music and watching the Irish jig lessons taking place. One of the food truck vendors had a Hungarian dish called Langos, which is a deep fried dough, topped with a multitude of tasty toppings. The style I choose has sour cream, feta cheese, parsley, with both black and green olives. I ate only half of it before feeling full due to the rich flavors and thick doughy base. Luckily, I found mom and dad shortly after and they were happy to finish the rest for me before getting back on the bus.

Now, I have heard of kissing frogs, and kissing princes to make magic happen in you life. But kissing a rock? Not so sure that will make my fairy-tale dreams come true, but I guess everything is worth a shot, right? Blarney Castle is known in it’s own right as the home of Cormac McCarthy, King of Munster, who ruled in the early 1300’s. Legend has it that King Robert the Bruce of Scotland gave half of the Stone of Scone to McCarthy as a sign of gratitude after McCarthy sent men to his aid. This bit of rock is now known as the Blarney Stone, and was incorporated in the battlements, which is where it can now be kissed by those travelers willing to climb the winding staircase. If stories are to be believed, those that kiss the stone shall be granted the gift of eloquence (also said “the gift of gab”). While I did climb to the top and lay down mouth to mouth with the stone, I gave it s a kiss and love tap with my hand. I couldn’t bring myself to kiss the same stone thousands of others have kissed (and Lord knows what else) over the years. Besides, I am already overly talkative, and pretty persuasive when needs be, so who knows how kissing the stone would have reacted with my innate abilities.




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